New generation marine scales: R10 M2

WPL Industries developed a complete new line of weighing scales to be used on sea. The scales are trade approved for use on a vessel according the Directive 2014/31/EU of the European Parliament. The new series of marine scales are unique due to the high speed motion compensation done in realtime over 1000 times a second! The scales compensate the vibration, angle and acceleration of the movements occurring on sea. The scales are available in single range or dual range with a variety of weight capacities. The construction of the scales are in SS316 grade of stainless steel and with a two year warranty. The scales are exclusively designed for fishing vessels and research vessels. The scales do not need a recalibration during a long trip at sea due to a internal gravity compensation technique. As an option, a label printer can be connected to the scales for printing labels. Another available option is a software package called Omega Marine which can connect to the scales. With this software module advanced data logging, queries, reports and statistics can be generated. Also this module is capable of printing catch reports.