R10 M2 Marine Scales

The marine weighing plaforms from WPL Industries BV are designed to meet the strongest requirements for operating at sea.

Accurracy, robust construction and ease of use are at the highest importance.

The build in motion compensation for use at sea take care of weight fluctuations caused by waves and vibrations.
The scales can be connected to the R10 range of indicators. Build in reporting and statistics as well as printing is available and can be tailer made.

The marine scales from WPL industries are in various weight ranges from 3 up to 3000 kg and some models are also verified to be used on ships for trading in according with the requirements for directive 2014/31/EU of the European Parlement.

Weighing on sea is much more difficult than on land. As showed in the picture below, a ship turns around three axes, the longitudinal axis, the transverse axis, causing the ship to roll, pitch and yaw. These movements all take place simultaneously. Movements around the X- and Y-axis cause a heeling of the ship, under “normal” circumstances up to 15° However this can be more under heavy conditions.

A heeling of 15° normally will result in a “tilt” condition on a scale. Under these circumstances weighing is nearly impossible on a scale. Movements on a ship constantly influences the crossing points of the three axis making it difficult to find the true horizontal position. Weighing equipment for weighing on sea constantly compensates the above movements with a sine wave acceleration and de-acceleration between -3 m/s2 and +3 m/s2 at a frequency of 0.3hz. If a scale is not motion compensated it can generate huge misreadings.

Due to the nature of movement and vibrations on a ship a normal scale is therefor not useable.

WPL industries has developed a dynamic compensation for the above influences. Thanks to a fast measurement conversion rate of the scale (4800 times per second) and the 24bits internal resolution a weighing result up to 1500 counts can be achieved.

  • Product Characteristics
  • The R10 M2 has the following distinctive features:

    • weighing scale with motion compensation for weighing at sea.
    • Design and styling for industrial use (robustness, high IP rating and easy to clean).
    • Ease of use.
    • Automatic filtering based on motion
    • For connection to one or more load cells. Available in tabletop, wall, column or panel mounting versions.
    • High quality construction in AISI 316 stainless steel.
    • Latest technology including white segmented LEDs with dim technology
    • High capacity optional battery.
    • Optional Data storage device with flash card
    • Industry standard shields for extention with Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet based
    • Up to three platforms can be connected.
    • LED Display, 0.56 inch (14 mm), 7 segment
    • 24bits Sigma/Delta AD
    • 3 ADC channels
    • On board temperature monitoring
    • Battery charge circuit
    • USB device port connects directly to a PC
    • AC or DC models
    • Built-in industrial connectors for loadcells or serialports
    • Realtime clock
    • Hardware slot for arduino uno shields
    • Operator functions through Menu key for Scale select, Preset Tare, Accumulator, Time & Date and Setpoints
    • Password protection for user and configuration changes.
    • 50 presets for weight checking with underlimit, target and overlimit setpoints, tare and price
    • 13 onboard digital I/O channels for further extention
    • Selectable ticket formats for Header Text, Gross, Net, Accumulator, Setpoints
    • Local/Remote operation
    • Multi range or multi interval weighing
    • Filter settings for light, medium and heavy noise
    • Relay output (4)


    • Analog output, 12-bit resolution, 0-10VDC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
    • Relay output, (4) dry contact, normally open (SPST) 30VDC/250 VAC at 3 Amps
    • Interface for Profinet®, Profibus®, Modbus TCP®, EtherNet/IPTM and DeviceNet® protocols
    • Metrological hardware sealing kit
    • Battery pack


    • Single weighing
    • Parts counting
    • Tolerance check +/-
    • Filling
    • Calculation