Industrial Weighing Platforms

The PS3300 scale platforms are especially designed for intensive use and are equipped with a single point load cell making them extremely reliable and ensuring optimum accuracy.

Their compact design makes these scales an ideal choice for all table-top weighing operations. PS3300 scale platforms are available in two versions: PS3300 MS
Frame constructed in painted steel with epoxy coating (protection rating IP 54). Over size plat- form in stainless steel, type 304 L.

PS3300 SS

Stainless steel construction type 304 L and stainless steel cover load cell (IP 67) accuracy can be chosen
Manufactured to industrial protection rating IP 67 this model fulfills all requirements with respect to hygiene and cleaning as stipulated by the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The PS3300 scale platforms may be combined with a selection of weight indicators from WPL Industries, legal for trade (3,000 e) or internal (non trade) applications.

European directives

Compliant with the definition of a conventional load receptor in accordance with the guide WELMEC 2.4.
EX version for use in gas and dusty explosive zones according to the new 94/09/CE directive.

  • Product Characteristics
  • Available in sizes:

    - L300mmx240mm - L400mmx300mm - L610mmx450mm

    Options for loadcells:

    - Technical data
    - Physical characteristics
    - Wiring connector (DIN 45326):
    - Accuracy (Trade use) 3000 e or 2x3000 e
    - Accuracy(for non Trade use) 6000 e
    - Stainless Steel 304 or ALU loadcell
    - Standard loadcell cable length 3 meters - Adjustable heights +/- 3 cm
    - Level indicator on platform
    - Hygienic industrial design: